The Return of ScoreClub’s First Course and Update

ScoreClub was launched initially with “Composer Training: Module 1” course. My aim was to create the kind of composition teaching I would have wanted to have, and I built based on 12+ years of teaching.

The response to the course went far beyond my expectations! And through feedback from students and some help, a new approach to ScoreClub took shape and became what you see now.

I created a new modular approach to lessons, I call it the “ScoreClub constellation” and my plan was to reintroduce the materials of “Module 1” in smaller linked courses.

But two things led to the return “Module 1”

  1. The poll done in January led to me starting work on an arranging/orchestration course (more on that later)
  2. Since the start of the year I have been receiving many requests for “Module 1”

And so there you go, “Module 1” is back, with the new name of Essential Composer Training: Foundation! And now with access to the forum, your student dashboard, updates etc…

(BTW, if you are a previous owner of “Module 1” get in touch with me if you would like access to the forum. I’ll be sending out a newsletter for that as well.)


As I mentioned, the new course in progress covers my steps to arranging and orchestrating. This is based on an organized checklist I developed for myself and really came together while composing for The Legend of Silk Boy. I have been teaching this with much success since then.

But teaching 1-on-1 is different than building a self-guided online course. And with ScoreClub my aim is to really create something that is…all I can give, and gives results!

The notes I had gathered from years of teaching just didn’t work well as a self-guided course. So I organized them over and over, coming up with new approaches to organizing the material, what should be in and what should just be mentioned, musical examples and so on…

And it was also clear that arranging/orchestration is such a HUGE subject that I had to have a specific focus for this course: that became Organic Arranging/Orchestrating of a Melodic Line in the style of the masters. (You know, like Elgar, Korngold, John Williams…)

And eventually this monstrous monolith was whittled down to a 20 page outline! Haha!



But still it is too big… so I need need to work on it more so it gets to be as good as it should be. There’s some problems to tackle here I need some time to work out to make this course as effective as possible,

So it is highly likely that I will tackle another course first before that one, and the two candidates (based on the poll) are:

  • Memorable Melody Writing
  • Practical Counterpoint

So expect to see that pop up soon!

Happy writing.


February 18, 2016

4 responses on "The Return of ScoreClub's First Course and Update"

  1. I would like to see these courses available as a DOWNLOAD as it is a pain in the neck to keep logging in and streaming the video’s as the website logs you out after a certain amount of inactivity. And now there are internet use caps on many providers..thanks love the courses though!

  2. I concur. I have one course in each format now and having the course available as a download is much more useful and convenient than having to logging off and on. Plus there’s the assurance that the content will always be available if you are in actual possession of the material. Excellent course content either way.

    • Hi Stephen, I understand that. I made the decision to go with online for a few reasons: security but also ease of course creation/packaging and of updates, (I can now easily alter a video and replace and additions to the text part as well), keeping in touch with students and having a forum for students to post questions not addressed in the course. These were all things I was looking for in my concept for ScoreClub, but I understand what you say about downloads. I will look into that soon. Thank you!

  3. I just finished the melody course and loved it. I do not believe that online access is a burden. If you let people download the course, it will soon get passed around and posted on forums, and you will lose control of your work.
    Next I will sign up for the Modal Mastery course. The counterpoint course sounds great, I am looking forward to it. I would enjoy a course on harmony. There is plenty of material available about harmony, but it would be instructive to have your views and perspective on the subject. Alain, you have a gift for teaching.

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