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You definitely have a gift, and are doing valuable work.

For myself, going through "Essential Composer Training", there were at least 3 moments where you managed to frame things in such a way that I was able to remove mountains that blocked my view, and clear years of confusion and apprehension.

[...] it has transformed my writing and understanding of music, and brought me a deeper joy in it in the process. Thank you, Sensei!
A. Ellis

Alain has put together an excellent course. His analysis of memorable melodies and the elements that make them memorable can easily be transferred to your own writing.

I know good online teaching when I see it. I've been a teacher for 30 years and half that time, I've spent teaching teachers how to teach both online and f2f.

[...] it's these types of classes that are going to allow us to take our writing to the next level. Congrats Alain, I really enjoyed your class.
Wayne B
…was not sure how to apply modes on composing till I tumbled on your Modal Mastery course. The guidelines you have given [are] fantastic.
I. S.

I'm now watching the modal course. it is superb and you've organized material that is NOT easy to organize.  I think your classes are top notch.

The first series was captivating and very easy to follow yet contained so much practical information and combined with your method of presenting the course it makes for an outstanding compositional package for a diverse range of students at various levels."
T. Huud

What I really like is how "Essential Composer Training" is not the usual "you can do this 1 million different ways" type teaching methodology that overwhelms a composer trying to get to what works. I was seeking a reputable structured process of composition that was comprehensive and theoretically sound. I found it.

The methodology you teach, and the thought process you repeat, teaches me what to think about constantly and what is really important during composition. Your real world experience shows through the videos and inspires me.

I also love the fact that you take me through the same process repeatedly as the techniques get more sophisticated. This instills ALL of the process in my mind and enforces the discipline we must consistently have from start to finish.

I have just started my journey, but I am confident I am on the right path.


I've already started and I'm already feeling a bit of improvement! Which is amazing.

I love that it is so well organised, which really helps with the self-discipline part!
M. M.
I just purchased and started with two of Alain's courses and they are excellent. Extremely well presented concepts in high quality video format with many examples and illustrations and very practical and applicable.

I am extremely impressed with the amount of work Alain has put into his examples/presentation within the videos as well. His teaching approach/method is... here's the concepts and why they are important and why they work, then provides examples of the concepts in musicall works illustrated thru highlighted scores and audio and then he goes that final step that too many instructors leave off ... let's try applying the concepts and doing them (as he presents coming up with musical ideas and his thought process behind it when applying the concept taught).

Yes...highly recommended!
David Zeltner
I strongly sense that what you have created with Score Club is something really fantastic. What you teach is very much in tune with how I intend music composition to be taught...
M. Tofone
I really enjoy your inspiring and informative approach. The real-time scoring is brilliant and you really make the learning process fun!”
G. D. Moore
You're really paving a new road here.
Philip R.
...thank you, Alain, for this excellent course: what you present is fresh, immediately usable and inspiring – a winner teaching perspective! I already feel the improvements in the way I compose and try to shape ideas, even if I had already studied modes 20 years ago.

I'm a relative newbie at all things musical, so I went and bought myself this course recently and am working my way through it.

Granted, I've gone through a harmony textbook or two before this (and didn't particularly like any of them, and gave up half-way out of boredom and frustration with their rigidity) so some of the concepts I've already internalized, but I think this is by far the best, most practical and accessible presentation of the material that I've seen. Very nicely done

Certainly gets my recommendation.
D. Kardell
After so many years of looking through theory books of all sort and wasting a lot of time, I am now very very happy to have found a course like your "Essential Composer Training" that finally takes the composition student by the hand and teaches him/her a solid craft, good working habits and to make music from the outset with the knowledge acquired. The more I work on this course and more I realize the importance of what you teach. Keep up the wonderful work and I am looking forward to any other course you will release in the future.
Massimo Tofone
Once again you did a great job bringing many informations with constant detail and clarity but most of all, with many examples and real time exercises, which are a real added value to this course.
O. Jørgensen
I have been very impressed with your teaching approach, it has really given me a lot of food for thought and I am fundamentally re-evaluating and amending my approach to music as a whole. Truly excellent stuff!
C. Mbeledogu

Went through it and I should say it is brilliant! Exactly what I've expected to see in such a course.

I love that you took the time to give many examples and explain it not once, but twice and three times.

I've read on this topic many times before and have worked so hard on putting these ideas to work in my compositions, but your course so far has connected all these ideas together and added on them a lot!

Thanks again for this brilliant course Alain!
M. M. Altaf

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