It is an absolute gold mine of information and clarity. In one sentence, you can answer so many questions that continuously plague my mind (some of which I could never articulate) and I am forever grateful for your fantastic teachings.

Simon Charles Hanna

I appreciate that you focus on the art and craft of the music rather than hype-up “the business” side of selling music. (Yes! You too can sound like Hans Zimmer/John Williams in 5 minutes with my miracle technique!) I loathe that stuff. Rather, I was looking for authentic orchestration instruction, and happily have found it at your site.

Michael Conroy

Just to follow you on the Counterpoint course for a few days makes me realize that this is the way to go. Down to basics again and working with the lines to start with and get those things under my fingers is what is needed for me! I’ve been studying some counterpoint in College and by myself, but not in the way you are teaching it. It’s so much music in what you do and it’s just a great joy for me following this than it has ever been before!

Gunnar W.

This serious is the best course available that teaches instead of preaches.

Alain is a master teacher and every technique shown is a valuable tool for any composer at any level.

Peter Cavallo

I really enjoy your inspiring and informative approach. The real-time scoring is brilliant and you really make the learning process fun!

Gregory D. Moore

thanks to A.M. for creating this excellent course, I’m writing something every day and have plenty of tools to analyze any melody.

I would recommend this course to anyone who’s serious about music.

Paul Grecco

I can’t say enough about this course.

I’ve been composing for well over 10 years with a self-taught sense of theory. On top of everything new that I learned, this course solidified many topics that were a little scatterbrained for me.

Foundation is a great descriptor for this course and I think every composer with or without formal training should take this course. Alain is clear about what he’s teaching and regularly emphasizes that breaking the rules can have nice results.

Taking a class from a working musician is invaluable.

Tim Cox

I think Alain’s course is probably the best of its kind I’ve ever seen.

It is built with clear purpose, very concise content (which means you won’t waste any second watching it) and lots of exericses. […]

I thank Alain for spending the time creating them.


Gotta say, just finished modal mastery and started on memorable melodies and learning so much. Thanks a bunch. My mind is exploding.

 Great work!

Matt Clark

Even after working as a professional composer for over a decade, I took away insights from this course that have added an entirely new layer of subtlety and depth to my music.

Ryan Leach

I’ve completed my first run through of OTL and I want to tell you that it is by far the most useful video series on the topic I have ever come across.

Jake Fader

I have to say I have been very impressed with ScoreClub ECT:F. 

What I really like is how it’s not the usual “you can do this 1 million different ways” type teaching methodology that overwhelms a composer trying to get to what works.

I was seeking a reputable structured process of composition that was comprehensive and theoretically sound. I found it. 

The methodology you teach, and the thought process you repeat, teaches me what to think about constantly and what is really important during composition. Your real world experience shows through the videos and inspires me. 

I also love the fact that you take me through the same process repeatedly as the techniques get more sophisticated. This instills ALL of the process in my mind and enforces the discipline we must consistently have from start to finish. 

I have just started my journey, but I am confident I am on the right path. I look forward to you future instruction. 

I am all in.

Eric Griffin

 I have been very impressed with your teaching approach, it has really given me a lot of food for thought and I am fundamentally re-evaluating and amending my approach to music as a whole. Truly excellent stuff!

C. Mbeledogu

After so many years of looking through theory books of all sort and wasting a lot of time, I am now very very happy to have found a course like ECT:F that finally takes the composition student by the hand and teaches him/her a solid craft, good working habits and to make music from the outset with the knowledge acquired. 

The more I work on this course and more I realize the importance of what you teach.

Massimo Tofone

I’m now watching the modal course. it is superb and you’ve organized material that is NOT easy to organize. 

I think your classes are top notch. The first series was captivating and very easy to follow yet contained so much practical information and combined with your method of presenting the course it makes for an outstanding compositional package for a diverse range of students at various levels.

Terry Huud

The course content is spectacular.

Miles (Vi Control)

Alain is a very talented teacher. Being a good composer does not mean a person can explain how to compose. Alain has both the ability to compose, and the ability to teach.

Paul McGraw

You’re going to hear this over and over again from many people, but I’ll say it anyway –

You’re the teacher we WISH we had many years ago –

When I went to a famous musical college as an arranging comp. major, I couldn’t articulate it then, I expected to be taught: basically first and foremost – what’s in your course on melody that I am now thoroughly reviewing. Well, back then, it didn’t happen.

Paul - emailed

I absolutely LOVE this course! 

It has really helped me to become ‘unstuck’ when writing.

Before, I always had to wait for inspiration to write any little thing. After the course, I am able to focus on the smaller details and relationships which then evolve into a larger idea almost on auto-pilot. The idea of the logical part of the brain ‘kickstarting’ the creative part of your brain when it doesn’t see where to go next is astounding and opens up plenty of avenues for the composer to explore which he/she perhaps didn’t see before.

Even if you have no idea what counterpoint is I would highly recommend this course as a very fun and practical method for writing music.

Thank you Alain!


Paulo Rego

Your courses are excellent, you are a really great teacher, you make every concept easily understandable and practical immediately, one can not have any better course, seriously!

Olivier Boisviron

ScoreClub.net hands down the best resource I’ve found for learning all of the “legit” aspects of composing: harmony, counterpoint and orchestration. Alain’s courses are some of the best teaching I’ve ever experience, online or elsewhere, and worth every nickel if you want to learn to write “real” music!

Dave Hamburger

I can honestly say that this is one of the best investments I have ever made.

Even if the topics were not new to me, I still learned a lot – because his approach is very practical. Reading about those topics in a book is very different, because it explains things, but does not show you how to use it in the real world. 

Alain is a fantastic teacher.


In all seriousness, if you look at the syllabus and compare to other similar courses (if you find any, that’s it), you will understand the real value of ScoreClub.

Alain has consolidated years of professional experience as a composer and orchestrator for the film industry, with comprehensive research and erudition into a teaching program for composers that is remarkably informative and truly unique.

César Zolhof

Alain uses a really unique method of writing and thinking through the process as he teaches. He shares the “thought process” he goes through while writing (which is so much more valuable than just presenting steps and rules).

He also covers thoughts on how to explore compositional creativity by making explorations of the simple exercises.

Overall, I found the inspiration and “out-of-the-box thinking” he shares far more valuable than the very useful information he covers in the course.

And the pace is swift enough that you feel you’re absorbing new content and never just treading water.

Tremendous value.

Gregory D. Moore

Just a big thank you for another course Alain. Your ScoreClub constellation is really helping me to express myself through music by becoming a better composer.

Alessandro Gallo

Alain, just when I thought it could not get any better, you continue to impress me…

Your knowledge and approach take complex ideas and simplifies them making the complex ideas, accessible. There is so much content in all your videos and even more OTLII that I have a lot to work on. I look forward to your next course. I can not thank you enough.

Dawayne King

I’m learning a ridiculous amount from scoreclub.net ­ the courses are cheap and so full of information I have to pause the video every 30 second to take notes.

Every minute is packed with eye opening, actionable content.

 They’re all phenomenal. Definitely recommended.

Matt Clarke

A brilliant series and such wonderful insights. Alain has captured the art of scoring and analysing composition.

As a music educator and teacher of student level composers it is clear that Alain has a gift for explaining complex ideas with clear examples and creative suggestions.

Thank you for this course and all the others I am learning from.

Samuel Wright

Very well thought out courses, well structured, no fluff, no chit-chat, just solid teaching with tons of examples.

Certainly, among the best online courses I’ve taken.

Andy Gill

After composing for about 10 years I am learning so much more than I have in the last 10 years from your courses so thank you thank you thank you!

Mark Street

I think this is by far the best, most practical and accessible presentation of the material that I’ve seen. Very nicely done.

Look at the site and the table of contents and see what’s in there… if the subject material seems at all useful or interesting to you, I don’t think you could do much better than this. Certainly gets my recommendation.

Really looking forward to the future videos.

D. Kardell

You definitely have a gift, and are doing valuable work.

For myself, going through ECT:F there were at least 3 moments where you managed to frame things in such a way that I was able to remove mountains that blocked my view, and clear years of confusion and apprehension.

It has transformed my writing and understanding of music, and brought me a deeper joy in it in the process. Thank you, Sensei! 🙂

Adrian Ellis

Scoreclub OTL is a course all music educators should invest in. Here is some of the best training you will get for your students. Modal Mastery and Counterpoint are also required viewing 🙂

Samuel Wright

Signed up, just skimmed thought contents so far. This is good!


Gregory D. Moore

Alain’s Score Club courses are real gems and his teaching style and approach is very unique and effective...

Putting in the time to learn from this master is well worth the effort.

Max Tofone

Extremely well presented concepts in high quality video format with many examples and illustrations and very practical and applicable.

I am extremely impressed with the amount of work Alain has put into his examples/presentation within the videos as well.

His teaching approach/method is… here’s the concepts and why they are important and why they work, then provides examples of the concepts in musicall works illustrated thru highlighted scores and audio and then he goes that final step that too many instructors leave off … let’s try applying the concepts and doing them (as he presents coming up with musical ideas and his thought process behind it when applying the concept taught). 

Yes..highly recommended!

David Zeltner

He presents the materials clearly and analyzes well-chosen great examples from a variety or genres. He gives you a window into his thought process behind orchestration. 

This is a very big subject that he breaks down into manageable bites. I like the amount of time spent on each chapter – long enough to fully explain it, without being long-winded.

Every time I do one of Alain’s courses, my ears open up to orchestral music and I find myself experiencing and enjoying music in a whole new way.

 Highly recommended!

Philip Riccardi

I studied harmony and counterpoint at Uni and for the first time understand musical reasons for the rules…. And it’s so exciting. It should be all about colour, sound and texture. I am letting other students know about these lessons! 

You have won me over. 

Thanks for taking the time to make these wonderful lessons.

Rob Kelly

Alain Mayrand is offering courses called “Orchestrating the Line”. Changed my entire way of viewing orchestrating and arrangement!

The first course looks at orchestrating and arranging melodies (you could call it the front layer) with harmonizations with a focus on why. The second teach front, middle and background ways of orchestrating and arranging. The third is a focus on effects. I would recommend to start with the first and second. 

The courses is designed so you practice the different aspects and looks at films scores. Alain’s own scores and historical composers.

I can’t really recommend them enough and can’t really explain them in a fair way!

Alexander Hansson

I’ve been deliving a little deeper into OTL II and I think it’s unparalleled. It’s like the bench press, deadlift and squats in the composition world – exercises that gives results!

Johannes R.

The concepts and practices have immediate musical application.

You will walk away with efficient techniques that will guide your creative process and keep you writing without getting stuck wondering where to go next.

Highly recommended for composers at any level!

Paul Melancon

As a composer I am always interested in furthering my knowledge of the craft.

Alains’ courses are by far the most useful, well laid out and enjoyable that I have ever come across.

Having a direct insight into Alain’s process is absolutely invaluable. I was able to immediately apply his teaching to cues that I was working on with great success. What more can you ask for?

Jake Fader

Alain has put together an excellent course. His analysis of memorable melodies and the elements that make them memorable can easily be transferred to your own writing.

I know good online teaching when I see it.I’ve been a teacher for 30 years and half that time, I’ve spent teaching teachers how to teach both online and f2f.

[…] it’s these types of classes that are going to allow us to take our writing to the next level. Congrats Alain, I really enjoyed your class.

Wayne B.

By no small margin do I regard Alain’s courses as the absolute best money can buy (over the internet).

Simon Charles Hanna

This is not an orchestration course, it is much more of that!

We can find all we need technically in many wonderful books but here an accomplished musician shares his experience and expertise in a great way.

Music is everywhere in this course, I mean Real Music far away from “tips and tricks”.

Etienne Mialet

I saw this advertised on Vi-Control and decided to give it a go. I’m very happy I did, as I found the course to be brilliantly presented, very practical and inspiring.

There’s a great cumulative effect with each progressive lesson of ‘oh – there’s that idea/technique/rule again!’ so when I reached the end of the course, score-reading suddenly seemed like a much more focused and clear exercise.

Richard Wilkinson

Hi Alain! I love the courses (I have taken them all!)

I have studied at University composition and the fresh approach that you have is inspirational.

Mike Malone

I just wanted to express how excited and pleased I am with my first course, “Foundation”.

I have scoured the web, YouTube, etc, and never found anything that so perfectly went straight to what I didn’t understand and presented it to me so incredibly well.

I was worried about my reading skills which are weak, but still existent. So far, no problem following along at all.

Thank you so VERY much for this material. I can’t wait to work through ALL of your courses.

After composing for 15 years, semi-professionally, and literally investing 10’s of 1000s of dollars into equipment and software, I have no doubt that this will be my best investment yet! Thank you!

Eric Watkins

I love the OTL courses they really opened up my mind and have me an understanding of orchestration like a music degree and dozens of orchestration books never did! Every single book is “here’s the range of the flute” or “here’s a balanced chord in the strings” and that’s about it.


There is a moment in Ravel’s Mother Goose Suite that always had me scratching my head. Bars 11-12 of the first movement, he just gives two notes to Flute 1 in the entire phrase. Before OTL I thought “why on earth did he do that? How did he think to do it?” but now it makes perfect sense. 🙂

Ryan Leach

I want to also tell you that you are bar none one of the best teachers I have ever come across whether that be through books, online courses or schooling.

Your passion and enthusiasm for the material, as well ass your thoroughness in presentation really shines through. You also inspire and excite one to go the extra mile and become a better composer in every sense. It’s all there in every one of your courses. 

I can’t thank you enough for these courses, they are second to none and worth every penny (but really much more.)!

Ken Locarnini

The way you teach the course is WAY more accessible than the old-school texts teach it. So thank you! 🙂

Paulo Rego

I can’t tell you enough how excited I am about your instruction, it’s excellent, extremely practical and spot on.  WOW!!

David Zeltner

I strongly sense that what you have created with Score Club is something really fantastic. What you teach is very much in tune with how I intend music composition to be taught…

Max Tofone

Despite a degree in music and a lifetime of interest in music this course opened my ears and mind to several new ways to think about melodies.

Melody and Harmony are the building blocks of all great music from all eras. There is much information available about harmony, but very little information of any value available about melody.

Thanks to this course, I have gained a greater understanding and appreciation for memorable melodies. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in writing music. Thank you Alain!

Paul McGraw


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