image-3526's these types of classes that are going to allow us to take our writing to the next level.

Wayne B

For myself, going through "Essential Composer Training", there were at least 3 moments where you managed to frame things in such a way that I was able to remove mountains that blocked my view, and clear years of confusion and apprehension.

[...] it has transformed my writing and understanding of music, and brought me a deeper joy in it in the process. Thank you, Sensei!

Adrian Ellis

The methodology you teach, and the thought process you repeat, teaches me what to think about constantly and what is really important during composition. Your real world experience shows through the videos and inspires me.

Eric Griffin

I am extremely impressed with the amount of work Alain has put into his examples/presentation within the videos as well. His teaching approach/method is... here's the concepts and why they are important and why they work, then provides examples of the concepts in musical works illustrated thru highlighted scores and audio and then he goes that final step that too many instructors leave off ... let's try applying the concepts and doing them (as he presents coming up with musical ideas and his thought process behind it when applying the concept taught).

Yes...highly recommended!

David Zeltner

As a composer I am always interested in furthering my knowledge of the craft. Alain's courses are by far the most useful, well laid out and enjoyable that I have every come across. Having a direct insight into Alain's process is absolutely invaluable. I was able to immediately apply his teaching to cues that I was working on with great success. What more can you ask for?

Jake Fader

I love the courses (I have bought them all!) I have studied University composition and the fresh approach that you have is inspirational!

Mike Malone

...I can't wait to follow your next courses, you have this faculty to explain concepts in an easy way and make things simpler and immediately applicable

Olivier Bostvironnois

Alain's Score Club courses are real gems and his teaching style and approach is very unique and effective... putting in the time to learn from this master is well worth the effort.

Massimo Tofone

Alain is a very talented teacher. Being a good composer doesn't not mean a personal can explain how to compose. Alain has both the ability to compose, and the ability to teach.

Paul T McGraw

I bought all of Alain's classes and I can honestly say that this is one of the best investments I have ever made.


I've been studying some counterpoint both in College and by myself, but not in the way you are teaching it. It's so much music in what you do and it's just a great joy for me following this than it has ever been before!

Gunnar Wenneborg

I cant’ believe I even debated whether to take the new course. It is an absolute goldmine of information and clarity. In one sentence you can answer so many questions that continuously plague my mind (some of which I could never quite articulate) and I am forever grateful for your fantastic teachings.

Simon Charles Hanna

I went to a music academy for 3 years, took lessons from many different people and courses from the internet, I've even had lessons from someone who was an assistant to [big composer]. But, none of them helped me even a fraction as much as you did.

George King

I'm learning a ridiculous amount from - the courses are so full of information I have to pause the video every 30 seconds to take notes! They're phenomenal.

Matt Clarke

Thank you again for the amazing orchestration course! Changed my whole perspective about orchestration. Never has any course improved my perspective and affected my work as quick as your courses!

Simon B.

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Alain is a working composer, orchestrator, conductor and orchestrator. His credits include "Elysium", "Ender's Game" and more.

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