“Orchestrating the Line” Testimonials

The new ScoreClub course “Orchestrating the Line” was released less than a week ago and getting some great reviews! Here are some of them, (all unsolicited btw.)



Finally a new course :). I bought all of Alain’s classes and I can honestly say that this is one of the best investments I have ever made. Even if the topics were not new to me, I still learned a lot – because his approach is very practical. Reading about those topics in a book is very different, because it explains things, but does not show you how to use it in the real world.

Alain is a fantastic teacher, checkout his YouTube channel to convince yourself, there are some interesting videos you can find.

~Assa (VI Control)

Signed up (just skimmed through contents so far). This is good! I would buy this for just the very first video (which emphasizes the importance of notating articulations and expressions). Absolute gold!
If you’re serious about your craft, get this.

~ Gregory D. Moore

Alain’s Score Club courses are real gems and his teaching style and approach is very unique and effective… putting in the time to learn from this master is well worth the effort.
~ Cheers, Max (at VI CONTROL)

I can’t tell you enough how excited I am about your instruction, it’s excellent, extremely practical and spot on.  WOW!!
~ David Zeltner – via email Oct 19 2016

This seriously is the best course available that teaches instead of preaches. Alain is a master teacher and every technique shown is a valuable tool for any composer at any level.

~ Peter Cavallo (VI Control forum)

I just purchased and started with two of Alain’s courses and they are excellent. Extremely well presented concepts in high quality video format with many examples and illustrations and very practical and applicable.

I am extremely impressed with the amount of work Alain has put into his examples/presentation within the videos as well. His teaching approach/method is… here’s the concepts and why they are important and why they work, then provides examples of the concepts in musicall works illustrated thru highlighted scores and audio and then he goes that final step that too many instructors leave off … let’s try applying the concepts and doing them (as he presents coming up with musical ideas and his thought process behind it when applying the concept taught).

Yes..highly recommended!
~ David Zeltner – VI CONTROL

October 20, 2016

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