The first 5 lessons of “Writing for Winds” have just been released. (Read more about it here.)

And now, to accompany this new orchestration course comes a new feature for ScoreClub:



Musician masterclasses will be an opportunity for registered ScoreClub students to try out some writing for an instrument, and then hear their music played and critiqued by a live musician.

This will begin with the flute to match the first 5 lessons of the course, which take us up to flute.

This will be a great way for registered ScoreClub students who take the “Writing for Winds” course to apply what they are learning and hear how it would actually sound and not just through samples.

The submissions will be short, up to 16 measures in length, and even if students don’t submit music, the masterclass recordings will be made available for all registered students to learn from.

Our first guest musician will be established professional flutist and educator Lance Suzuki.

The submission deadline for this first masterclass is April 9th, 2022 (subject to change), which gives you time to get started on the “Writing for Winds” course, write out some music and pick something to send for review.

You can read more about “Writing for Winds” here.


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