As a teacher, it has been my experience that the proper understanding of meters from both a musical and technical standpoint is one of the most neglected bits of essential knowledge for composers. 

Many novice composers think they know this subject but don’t, and as a result:

  • Make basic mistakes in their choice of a time signature, making their music awkward, unprofessional and even unreadable by a real musician.
  • Do not know how to properly beam and group in various meters.
  • They limit their musical ideas by not understanding them fully enough.

In this course I clarify not only the technical aspects of beaming and grouping in various meters (and I have found much confusion out there on this subject)  but also how to understand them from a musical standpoint so that you know how they sound, how to select them with proper steps and examples from the repertoire to make sure it is fully understood. 

This is not a simplistic, cursory look at meters! Otherwise what’s the point?

This was not a course I had planned on creating, but it is my goal with ScoreClub to create not just the content you want, but the one you need in order to be the best composer you can be, one that musicians who play your music will respect and appreciate.

I am very happy with this course and I realize now it fills an important need.


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