New Course: Intro to Imitative Counterpoint

Students often have questions about the use of imitation in composition, especially as seen used by Bach and the great John Williams. 

Imitation is a very common feature seen in these composers writing as well as many other golden-age greats. It is an essential tool used when developing material that every composer should have at the ready.

The course Intro to Imitative Counterpoint was created to provide a clear and solid course to develop the proper technical ability to use imitation in your own writing. It is presented in the usual thorough, step-by-step, clear and practical approach like all other ScoreClub courses.

The course is an introduction to imitative writing covering the most commonly used methods you would use in your everyday writing. It is not meant to be exhaustive, or exhaustingly academic. It is thorough, but above all, practical and usable.

The course beings with an in-depth look at the imitative writing we have all sung as children: the round. It is the best place to begin, but interestingly also not the easiest. Clear examples and writing steps are provided.

The course then covers canons at the octave and many uses of partial imitation with examples from Bach and, of course, John Williams.

After this course you will have the skills to include the most common imitation techniques in your own writing.

You will also be ready to tackle the next course at ScoreClub, Practical Counterpoint 2, with its many two-voice composition projects, a perfect next step after this course.

Enjoy and keep that pencil moving!


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