New Course: Craft of Composition 2

Craft of Composition 2 builds on the previous course, introducing chromatic harmony and modulation in the context of musical form.

The pieces in this course were painstakingly chosen from early romantic period intermediate piano repertoire. They were picked to be engaging and to progress gradually through the concepts presented, while building on the previous course.

The goal with “Craft of Composition 2” is to develop a solid understanding of the use of chromatic harmony, modulation and concepts of form, an essential step towards writing longer forms with clarity and control.

The course’s focus on clean and well-crafted writing for piano serves also as an important foundation for orchestration. Because good writing is always the first step to good orchestration.

The pieces were also chosen to present a variety of writing approaches with the goal of expanding the student’s writing abilities, flexibility, and range.

The musical models are both meant to be examples of high levels of craft, while still being accessible to the novice composer to reduce overwhelm, and still providing enough information for the more advanced composer.

Performance, interpretation, notation and musicianship are also integral to “Craft of Composition 2”. The bottom line: think like a musician to write well for musicians.

The course is meant to follow “Advanced Tonal Harmony”, providing the student with an opportunity to hone and refine the technique and theory learned in that course but in a musical context.

The subjects covered include:

  • Secondary dominants, use and placement within phrases and form.
  • Various modulations and techniques.
  • Use of chromatic figuration.
  • Using 6ths and 9ths in waltz-style writing.
  • Various functions of the B section.
  • Adding the intro, coda and bridge to ternary forms.
  • Beaming to show musical design.
  • The musical sentence.
  • Modulatory B section.
  • And more.



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