Your Input Needed for Next ScoreClub Course

With the release of “Practical Counterpoint” it’s time to look to the next course for ScoreClub.

I have some ideas on what could come next, which I have listed below, and would love your help in making that decision. You can select up to three options from below.

Thank you!


What Course Would You Like to See Next at ScoreClub Feb 2017 (Pick up to 3 choices)

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February 10, 2017

4 responses on "Your Input Needed for Next ScoreClub Course"

  1. Profile photo of Richard


    How about a course about Ostinatos, looking at different aspects like single voice to orchestrated texture, timbre and composite rhythm?

  2. Profile photo of Etienne MIALET

    Hi Alain, I think I red somewhere in the forum that you thought about a course on quartal harmony?
    And I agree with Richard about ostinatos also, great idea!

  3. Profile photo of Jeremy

    Hi Alain, hope you write something about how many different elements are inside the fabric of orchestral textures?
    How to build it from a single element to 2 to 3 elements of the orchestral textures?
    What are the names or terms of those contrapuntal elements tied together as a whole inside this orchestral texture? ( example – two voice counterpoint with a sustain pad or a chorale with a secondary background line)
    I think this is helpful for us.

  4. Profile photo of Kris

    I’m not sure if this is covered in one of your courses already, but I would love a course on chord progressions, modulations, borrowed chords, etc. as heard in film scores to establish a specific mood, as opposed to the rules of classical theory.

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