ScoreClub is designed as a modular group of courses that can be taken either individually, in groups of your choosing, or as a complete course of study.

Each course stands completely on its own as a thorough course on its given subject, but all are also carefully formulated to work in conjunction with the other ScoreClub courses.

You can take individual courses to supplement what you know, or build your own curriculum following the map below.



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As a composer your ear is your instrument, it is the direct line to your musical ideas either whether you go direct to paper or to your instrument. This course is based on years of teaching, it is designed for composers to build their connection to their inner-ear and it works. This course was also designed to work hand-in-hand with other basic courses at ScoreClub (see list below) with the goal of developing your ear alongside your writing skills instead of separately.

Combines with: Essential Composer Training: Foundation, Practical Counterpoint, Memorable Melodies

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“Essential Composer Training: Foundation” builds a rock-solid foundation of skill and methodology for the serious composer. This course combines in a synergistic way the essential skills of diatonic harmony, voice-leading, harmonizing, arranging and much more into a powerful course that can be best described as professional training.

Combines with: Practical Counterpoint and Memorable Melodies through Motivic Mastery.
Leads to: Orchestrating the Line, Modal Mastery.

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“Practical Counterpoint” along with ECT:F covers foundational skills for the composer. This counterpoint course teaches you how to write real-world counterpoint for today’s composers. Sure, you’ll see all the rules, but you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t. If you want to write like John Williams, this is crucial.

Combines with: Essential Composer Training: Foundation and Memorable Melodies
Leads to: Counterpoint is necessary for Orchestrating the Line 2.

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Any good composer will tell you that writing a good, memorable melody is one of the hardest things to do. This course breaks down in clear, usable steps what the masters knew about melody writing, the psychology of listening and how motives work in order to write memorable tunes with control and predictability. This is a serious course which leaves no stones unturned.

Combines with: Practical Counterpoint, Essential Composer Training: Foundation, Orchestrating the Line
Leads to: Fortune and glory

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Modes are one of the most important tools for the film composer, and Modal Mastery covers it in thorough detail not only technically but in musical application, viewing each mode as sound and colour. You will end this course able to write modes with four different approaches, modulate between them and, more importantly, use them like an artist uses paint.

Combines with: Orchestrating the Line

Leads to: Orchestrating the Line 2

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Orchestrating the Line is a unique designed to take what you learn in orchestration textbooks and take it to the next level so you are able to apply that knowledge like the masters did. The result of over a decade of study, practice and teaching, this unique course will give you rare insights into how the masters did it and the tools for you to apply it in your own music right away.

Requires: Essential Composer Training: Foundation (or similar course)
Leads to: Orchestrating the Line 2

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Continuing on the techniques learned in OTL, this course covers the remaining layers of an orchestration, giving a thorough look at the building blocks of orchestral accompaniments. Here you will learn how the masters used the simplest to most advances techniques, so you can write your own colourful and balanced orchestrations with control and confidence.

Requires: Orchestrating the Line, Practical Counterpoint (or other counterpoint course)
Leads to: Orchestrating the Line 3

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The final chapter of the OTL series, this course as an in-depth course on  how to think and write for orchestra as colour and movement as seen in great composers like Respighi and Debussy. By the end of this course you will have mastered all the tools to fuklly understand this approach to writing and you will have learned to apply them in context as well, on their own and in combination with the techniques learned in the first two OTL courses.

Requires: Orchestrating the Line 1 and 2 (uses those concepts, but not 100% necessary for the colouristic technique parts.)
Leads to: Master Orchestrator status!

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About Alain Mayrand

Alain is a working composer, orchestrator, conductor and orchestrator. His credits include "Elysium", "Ender's Game" and more.

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