FAQ: How I Write On-Screen For Lessons

As you might know, hand writing music is an integral part of the teaching approach with ScoreClub courses, and the most common question I get asked from students is how I produce the digital pen and paper writing you see in the on-screen writing demonstrations. The courses always have on-screen …

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Me and My Counterpoint

Some questions I get about counterpoint: “What do you think of counterpoint? Is it a useful thing for a modern composer? Isn’t  it just an academic exercise? Do you use it in your film music? Should I learn it?” First, let me tell you my personal story regarding counterpoint. After I graduated …

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The Return of ScoreClub’s First Course and Update

ScoreClub was launched initially with “Composer Training: Module 1” course. My aim was to create the kind of composition teaching I would have wanted to have, and I built based on 12+ years of teaching. The response to the course went far beyond my expectations! And through feedback from students and some help, …

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Composition as Performance – my hockey analogy

I have been likening composition as a performance over the past few years. That the moment of composition, when that great idea strikes, becomes a performance where all your skills come into play and are there to support that great idea. Those skills and techniques should be learned, like a language, or skills in a …

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Achieving Creative Freedom

“Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind.” Johannes Brahms What is creative freedom? I’d imagine it would be the point where you have complete access to your ideas, right? And what gives you access to your ideas? Technique. For example, let’s say you are struck by a …

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About Alain Mayrand

Alain is a working composer, orchestrator, conductor and orchestrator. His credits include "Elysium", "Ender's Game" and more.

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