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    Practical Counterpoint teaches your real-world counterpoint that you can use in your music right away. This is not a bunch of dry, outdated rules but usable, creative steps to mastery…

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    Designed to take what you learn in orchestration textbooks and give you the tools, techniques and clear steps to harness your knowledge of orchestration so you can create detailed, organic…

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    A thorough look at how the masters, both past and present, wrote the most memorable tunes through the use of motives, economy and clear patterning. With nearly three hours of…

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    The one that started it all, back by popular demand! A unique and powerful approach to composition training for the serious film composer. Originally called “Composer Training: Module 1”, this course…

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    Modes are one of the most important and useful tool in the film composer’s arsenal. (Any composer for that matter). Modal Mastery is a course aimed at the serious student…

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