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Golden-age craftsmanship for the modern day composer

What is ScoreClub

If I was to explain in a few words what ScoreClub is, I would say: to create the most complete and result-driven composition and orchestration education. 

The aim is golden-age craftsmanship for the modern day composer.

That is my goal.

The Score Club Teaching Approach

I take the craft of composition very, very seriously. To be a proper composer requires a lot of knowledge and a lot of skill.

I’ve been teaching professional and serious amateur composers for many years, and through this experience I have been able to do videos for ScoreClub that are thorough, clear and  result-driven.

My teaching approach at ScoreClub is based around these elements

  1. Maximum usability right out of the gate. Every lesson is designed to leave no stones unturned, to guide you to technical mastery which includes making music right away.
  2. Master the rules, not the other way around. Understanding why the rules work and what they do, so that you master them and not the other way around. Understanding principles is an important part of craftsmanship though, so I never skimp on that.
  3. Old-world discipline and new-world freedom. Applying hard work while realizing that old rules may no longer apply to modern day harmonic freedom.
  4. Master the colours and effects. Music theory should represent sound and never be just abstract dots on a page. This is especially important for film composers who want to have musical paints to paint with.
  5. Reach a deep understanding: everything is there for mastery. My goal is to have every lesson leave the student in complete control of the material.
  6. Composition as a skill. The teaching approach at ScoreClub is focused on the development of skills through practical drills and exercises to develop the technical proficiency to achieve creative fluency.
  7. Getting real-world results right away: the drills and exercises are all designed to lead you to writing, and writing is included from the start.
  8. Guided Creativity: Every course and lesson is done in a way to support and develop a healthy creative process. I also make sure that each lesson provides that technical grounding combined with a fearless dose of experimentation.
  9. No stones unturned: these lessons do no simply offer some empty theory without application, and I aim to have all questions answered, that no stones are left unturned. That ScoreClub becomes the only resource you need.
  10. Beyond what you expect: I put everything into those lessons, and aim to make each course and each lesson explore things I wish I had been exposed to as a student. I make sure I am 100% happy with the lessons. Each lesson provides the valuable insights of a working composer and is always result-driven.
  11. Each video is direct and to the point and good for review. Not fluff. No excess jibber jabber. Never a cursory overview of a concept. I reinforce each concept, making sure it’s as clear and through as possible, and support it with many examples that enhance the understanding and stir the creative juices.
  12. One foot in front of the other: Carefully planned steps and lessons are designed to achieve proficiency and fluency in the most logical, progressive and effortless manner possible. (You still have to work hard, because if it was easy, everybody could do it...)
  13. Lots of On-Screen examples: I wish my teachers had done this; just demonstrate the writing process in front of me, let me watch over their shoulders as they wrote, perhaps telling me what they were thinking. Well, that's what you get in ScoreClub. The best way to learn!
  14. Professional perspective: I aim to cover practical thoughts on every subject in ways not covered anywhere else, with the goal of providing a professional perspective from 15 years in the trenches as composer and orchestrator.

Synergy and Modular Approach

Another very, very important part of my educational concept for ScoreClub is to have self-contained courses that are also connected to each other. The key word is synergy.

This modular approach has been designed to fit with my teaching concepts while also providing flexibility  to make you lessons fit your available time and finances.

I refer to this as the ScoreClub Constellation, and it has all been planned and is underway. I am excited, so make sure you sign up to see what is coming next!

As I said, I plan on making ScoreClub the most complete and usable composition and orchestration training center in the universe.

The ScoreClub Student Experience

  • All videos are available directly as streaming with unlimited access!
  • All your courses and lessons are accessible through your own student dashboard
  • You can keep track of your lesson progress through the dashboard and each course page.
  • Each course has its own private student-only forum and group
  • Your dashboard displays all your activity and notifications.

Online Lessons & Growth

By choosing an online and streaming format to the lessons, this allows me to easily make changes, fixes, clarifications and any other additions. It also allows you to have a central hub with the aforementioned dashboard.

The History of ScoreClub

My initial release for ScoreClub was “Composer Training: Module 1” and the overwhelming response to it proved to me that this was something worthwhile, unique and most importantly, really useful to people and that my approach to teaching was definitely possible through video lessons.”

Here are some of the comments I received from that first effort.

Testimonials from Module 1

“I wanted to thank you for the course. While I "technically" knew most of the theory I lacked understanding how to put in practical use. I must say it's easily worth every penny.”

Tommi Katila


“I think this is by far the best, most practical and accessible presentation of the material that I've seen. Very nicely done.” D. Kardell


“After so many years of looking through theory books of all sort and wasting a lot of time, I am now very very happy to have found a course like your Composer Training - Module 1 that finally takes the composition student by the hand and teaches him/her a solid craft, good working habits and to make music from the outset with the knowledge acquired.

“The more I work on this course and more I realize the importance of what you teach. Keep up the wonderful work and I am looking forward to any other course you will release in the future.”

~ Massimo Tofone


I have to say I have been very impressed with ScoreClub Module 1.

What I really like is how Module 1 is not the usual "you can do this 1 million different ways" type teaching methodology that overwhelms a composer trying to get to what works. I was seeking a reputable structured process of composition that was comprehensive and theoretically sound. I found it.

The methodology you teach, and the thought process you repeat, teaches me what to think about constantly and what is really important during composition. Your real world experience shows through the videos and inspires me.

I also love the fact that you take me through the same process repeatedly as the techniques get more sophisticated. This instills ALL of the process in my mind and enforces the discipline we must consistently have from start to finish.

I have just started my journey, but I am confident I am on the right path. I look forward to you future instruction. Consider it bought! I am all in.



I have been very impressed with your teaching approach, it has really given me a lot of food for thought and I am fundamentally re-evaluating and amending my approach to music as a whole. Truly excellent stuff!"

~ C. Mbeledogu

The Future of ScoreClub

The ScoreClub Constellation has just begun to fill. With the new flexibility of the website it will be possible to easily add courses.

I believe in my vision for ScoreClub – education for the serious composer. Like nothing you’ve ever seen!




Alain is a working film composer as well as orchestrator and conductor. His credits include “Elysium”, “Ender’s Game”, and the critically lauded score for “The Legend of Silk Boy” starring Jackie Chan. His score for the NY feature “No Letting Go” recently won the prestigious Accolade Award for scoring excellence.

An orchestral expert, Alain was composer-in-residence with the Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra for four years and his music has been recorded and performed by ensembles across the globe, including The Evergreen Symphony Orchestra in Taiwan, the Russian Film Symphony Orchestra, Israel’s Ramat Gan Chamber Orchestra, the Dallas Chamber Orchestra and many more.

Visit Alain online at www.alainmayrand.com






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About Alain Mayrand

Alain is a working composer, orchestrator, conductor and orchestrator. His credits include "Elysium", "Ender's Game" and more.

Read more about Alain on the About Page

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